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  2. I currently go to a German school, but am actually american and was wondering, if anyone here knows if Realschule=High School. I talked to an army recruiter and he told me, that they see a Realschulabschluss as equal to a High School diploma, is this true in general? Could I apply to a university in the USA, since I already have a Realabschluss
  3. High School Diploma in Deutschland. Ein US-amerikanisches High School Diploma wird in Deutschland grundsätzlich als mittlere Reife (Realschulabschluss) oder, in Kombination mit einem entsprechend hohen Ergebnis im SAT oder ACT, als Abitur (allgemeine Hochschulreife) anerkannt

Statement about the equivalence of your foreign certificate with German school-leaving certificate. Overall average grade of studies. It has to be obtained by the state education office Oberschulamt of the respective city you'll be studying at. General Higher Education Entrance Qualification Abitu For example, in Germany, three types of diplomas are common: Abitur, issued by German Gymnasium schools, which are equivalent to sixth form or college preparation schools. Students who earn an abitur are qualified to attend university

· High School Diploma or GED. SAT or ACT may be submitted in lieu to GED. However, completion of high school is a condition for acceptance of either SAT or ACT test. Central Africa Republic · Diplôme de Bachelier de l'Enseignement du Second Degré (Diploma of Secondary School Bachelor) with minimum 10 (scale of 0 - 20 And while the or not / high school equivalent is a hot mess, luckily elementary school is known as Grundschule everywhere. If you need to be more specific than that, it probably makes more sense to just refer to the grade they are in, since a student could be in the 5th or 12/13th grade

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Wo willst du dich denn bewerben? Auf einem College oder um einen Job? Von WES wird ein Realschulabschluss normalerweise als Basic High School Diploma evaluiert, das reicht aber zb. Colleges normalerweise nicht und ist anscheinend kein vollwertiger HS Abschluss. Wenn du auf ein College gehen willst, wirst du wohl auf jeden Fall den GED machen muessen. Mit einem uebersetzen Realschulabschluss werden die meisten Arbeitgeber wohl auch nicht viel anfangen koennen, aber du koenntest schon so. Allgemeine Hochschulsreife, Fachgebundene Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife is required for admission. At completion students are awarded entry into a profession, recieve a diploma with initials BA for Berufsakademie to distinguish from other higher education diplomas. Vocational: Ausbildung: 19-20: 2: Vocational training (apprenticeship). Tertiar Educational Development (GED) diplomas, licensed by Maine High School Equivalency Diploma on behalf of Maine Department of Education, and official transcripts of GED tests to those of national basic education, in accordance with the Basic Education Core Curriculum. The equivalency can be implemented without an individual verification Technically, the High school diploma is equivalent to the Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur) which is a step up from the Fachhochschulreife (i.e. one more year at school and harder classes) but there is no direct equivalent in the US Answers: 125. German translation: some important background information. Explanation: The HND/HNC qualification is offered by technical colleges BUT ALSO BY UNIVERSITIES (typically those that used to be Polytechnics some years ago). As such, it is officially seen as a higher education DEGREE COURSE

(US) - High-School Diploma/Degree. Baccalauréat technologique ou bac professionnel: (UK) Balises: cv en anglais, cv en anglais vocabulaire, equivalence diplome anglais, ingénieur, modele de cv en anglais, traduction des diplomes en anglais, traduction diplome anglais. Partager cet article. 0 ©2021 Dante · Built with love by Swift Ideas using WordPress. Premium WordPress Themes by. Students who successfully passed a Begabtenprüfung (test of aptitude) are also eligible. Students from other countries who hold a high school leaving certificate that is not counted as being equivalent to the Abitur (such as the American high school diploma) and who do well enough on the ACT or SAT test, may also enter German universities

The portal provides information about the procedure for the recognition of foreign professional and vocational qualifications in Germany. Recognition in Germany is the official information portal for the federal government's Recognition Act The German School Washington, D.C., is a German-speaking school abroad that educates its students according to German curricula and that confers degrees after 10th grade (Realschulabschluss), the High School Diploma and the Abitur education (BMS) 20.000 vs. [...] 16.000; in the case of those wi th a high-school diploma (Mat ura) 21.800 vs. 17.500 and among. [...] those with a university. [...] or equivalent degree 28.000 vs. 22.500. iccr-international.org. iccr-international.org Higher School Certificate: Solomon Islands: GCE O-Levels/Secondary School Certificate/Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate/Solomon Islands School Certificate: Tonga: Tongan School Certificate/Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate/Completion Form Six: Tuvalu: Tuvalu School Certificate/Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate: Vanuatu: GCE O-Levels/Baccalaurèa A US GED does not seem to be enough. I found the following document that states the additional requirements for Austria: https://www.bmbwf.gv.at/fileadmin/user_upload.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB diploma) is a school-leaving qualification that is awarded by the Geneva-based, private sector International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation and can be earned at thousands of schools worldwide. Under certain conditions, the IB diploma is recognised as a higher education entrance qualification in Germany There are two options for achieving a High School Equivalency Diploma.. Option 1. A person 18 years or older as of September 1 of the current school year who is deficient in the credits needed for an Alberta High School Diploma and who has been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months and who wishes to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma should apply to the principal of a senior.

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The HSED is also technically equivalent to a regular high school diploma, but in practice, most employers and colleges prefer the traditional diploma. If you still have the opportunity to go back and complete your course of study in high school (in most states you can do this if you're under 20), I would recommend that you do so instead of earning an HSED or GED. A regular high school diploma. : High School Diploma or Equivalent, 2 years of experience in receipt, accountability, and inventory of equipment and spare parts; preferably military supply experience push, pull, and reach Must be able to work in high noise areas Must be able to lift 50lbs and small parts Must be abl

And because a high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary for college or other forms of postsecondary education, lacking one puts limits on earnings growth. There are approximately 27 million adults in the United States who don't have a high school diploma, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for them to advance their careers and education. Approximately 43 percent of those who. A US GED does not seem to be enough. I found the following document that states the additional requirements for Austria: https://www.bmbwf.gv.at/fileadmin/user_upload/Kasparovsky/USA/ , which seems to accept a GED is its supplemented by a SAT score of at least 1300. However the equivalent German web page Schulabschlüsse mit.

A certificate showing proof of general higher education qualification from a European School in Germany is treated as equivalent to the German certificate. However, it does not automatically count as proof of German language skills. Only a certificate with a successful completion of an examination in German as a first language (L1) or second. Das High School Diploma in Verbindung mit z. B. Advanced Placement-Kursen, deren erfolgreicher Abschluss bei der weiteren Ausbildung im College angerechnet werden kann, oder einem entsprechend hohen Ergebnis im SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) berechtigt zur direkten Hochschulaufnahme auch in den Staaten des deutschen Sprachraums in Mitteleuropa As aforementioned, generally speaking, you must hold a Master's Degree of at least eight semesters of Master studies completed, with some exceptions. You must also have a HZB, in order to make your foreign qualification equivalent to German school leaving qualification

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High School Diploma not adequate for direct entry to Bachelors Degree programmes. APs and SAT IIs will be required. See USA for more information. Postgraduate: Minimum of 4 year bachelors degree with GPA 3.3/4.0 or equivalent is typically required for admission. Palestine. An overview of entry requirements for applicants from Palestine. Panam German School System. Updated - January 2021 . German public education makes it possible for qualified kids to study up to university level, regardless of their families' financial status. The German education system is different in many ways from the ones in other countries, but it produces high-performing students. The overwhelming majority of German students attend public schools. The whole. integrated master's degree, for example master of engineering ( MEng) level 7 award. level 7 certificate. level 7 diploma. level 7 NVQ. master's degree, for example master of arts ( MA.

Gymnasium (ghim-NAH-zee-uhm, grades 5-12 or 5-13) The German Gymnasium is an academic secondary school that prepares pupils for a university education. It begins with the fifth grade (seventh in Berlin/Brandenburg). After grade 12 or 13 (depending on the state), students earn a diploma called das Abitur by passing an oral and written examination Generally the full IB diploma along with certain qualifying conditions is required for entry into German universi-ties. According to the national policy in place since 1986 (Vereinbarung über die Anerkennung des International Baccalaureate Diploma), the IB diploma is recognized as a qualification (HZB) for entry to higher education in Germa An equivalence statement is a document which expresses the value of the studies you have undertaken abroad. Primary and secondary education primary and secondary education In the case of a diploma of primary or secondary education, you will be asked for an equivalence statement if: You wish to pursue secondary education in Belgium. You wish to pursue higher education. You wish to take training. You wish to work or to set up as a self-employed person. Notes

The report by numbers 17.1 million children, youths and young adults were enrolled in German schools. 94 percent of children between three and six years of age attended preschool or kindergarten... A high school equivalency diploma, on the other hand, can be earned by adult or other non-traditional students without completing four years of high school. A high school equivalency diploma can be used in the same way as a high school diploma to apply to college or to put on a resume for a job that requires a high school education The GED is a high school equivalency diploma and can be used to apply for a job or to college just as a high school diploma would. However, there are differences between the two. Understanding the differences between a GED and a high school diploma can help you decide which one is right for you

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Note: A high school certificate of attendance and/or a certificate of completion are NOT the equivalent of a high school diploma. Home schooled means the student has completed or will complete home schooling at the secondary level regulated by the state before the first date of his/her enrollment in college. None of the above means the student does not have a high school diploma, GED, or. The GED is a high school equivalency diploma, so you can use it to apply to college or for a job resume, just like you would with a high school diploma. And if you're wondering which schools and jobs accept the GED, we've got good news Germany Credentials. Credential English Translation US Equivalence; Zeugnis des Hauptschulabschlüsses : Certificate of Completion of Primary School: Order a Report - $9.99: Zeugnis des qualifizierenden Hauptschulabschlüsses: Certificate of Qualified Completionof Primary School: Order a Report : Berufsbildungsreife: Vocational Education Maturity: Order a Report : Berufsreife: Vocational.

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  1. Sein Abschluss ist ein GED (high school equivalence diploma). Welche Ausbildungswege würden in Hamburg für ihn in Frage kommen, um eine vollwertige Hochschulreife für eine deutsche Universität zu erlangen? An welche Stellen in Hamburg könnte ich mich wenden, um Informationsmaterial für meine Freunde zu bekommen? Antwort. Auskünfte zur Anerkennung ausländischer Abschlüsse und zu wei
  2. When you give your high school diploma for translation, you are worried about how the translator will translate the document and how will it bode in the institution that you intend to submit the translation. You do not need to worry about all of these details when you get a translation from us. We have thorough experience in translating high school diplomas from around the world and we can give you the best translations. Our translators are highly accredited and have years of experience in.
  3. Getting a college degree is now the equivalent of getting a high school diploma twenty years ago. Here are the structural changes that have driven this, and what college graduates can do today to.
  4. Regarding university entrance in Germany, International Advanced Level/International Advanced Subsidiary Level, which are offered by some British international schools, are considered equivalent to GCE AL/GCE AS
  5. Earning a GED equivalent is different from earning a high school diploma. In this article, we'll cover the definition and meaning of a GED and compare its requirements to that of a high school.
  6. The traditional high school diploma is accepted by colleges and employers, often without the request for a grade point average or attached honors. It shows that the student has met or exceeded all of the requirements to get to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony. A student who completes the education requirements for a high school diploma early may also receive his scroll early.

High School Diploma Equivalent Germany . Practice High School Diploma Test . High School Diploma Equivalent Ged . Latest News from. CBS News. CNET. TVGuide.com. TV.com. ZDNet. Tech Republic. Metacritic. Gamespot. Ads related to: High School Diploma Equivalent Results from Microsoft . Get A High. How employers view a diploma: A high school diploma will allow students to meet the education requirements for many entry-level positions. Generally, employees with diplomas will earn significantly more than those without. Students who wish to advance in their careers may need to attend college for additional training

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  1. A high school equivalency diploma is a certificate that states that you have education, knowledge, skills, and/or experience that are on par with a typical high school education. A high school equivalency diploma can be used just like a regular high school diploma to help you get into college or other higher education programs, or to apply to jobs that require a high school education. Many.
  2. High school equivalency certificate includes the successful completion of a high school equivalency test such as the General Educational Development (GED) test, or obtaining an Adult Basic Education (ABE) certificate where it is equivalent to the completion of secondary school. 'Person' refers to an individual and is the unit of analysis for most social statistics programs
  3. German High School Diploma : $90: 1-day: German University Diploma : $90: 1-day: German Transcript (per page) Additional Services: $10: Extra Copy of Certified Translation: $40 : FEDEX and UPS delivery in U.S. $70 : FEDEX and UPS delivery International: FREE: ONE SCANNED copy of Certified Translation: FREE: Notarization : FREE: Regular Mail U.S. Postal Office: Greek STANDARD SERVICES. Price.
  4. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit high school - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. high school - Deutsch-Übersetzung - Linguee Wörterbuc
  5. g from outside the country has satisfactorily completed the first three years of high school in the Venezuelan system (Ministerial decree 31667 published in the official gazette in February 1979). A legalised diploma must be presented and exa
  6. Preparing for and earning the high school equivalency diploma is one of the most important journeys of your life! West Virginia currently uses the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ (TASC) to demonstrate the attainment of skills equivalent to those at the high school completion level. Many people just like you have taken the TASC™ Tests to get a better job, continue their education.
  7. imum level of education one needs to find employment - jobs that would be unavailable without the High School Equivalency (HSE) Credential. Additionally, a high school level diploma/equivalency credential is a must-have if one is to gain admission to a.

Is High School Diploma better than GED Diploma? It depends. GED Diploma is accepted by many schools and employers as an equivalent to a high school diploma. To pass the GED test, you need to have a sophisticated level of knowledge of Math, Social Studies, and Science American High School Diploma Programs For International Students Forest Trail Academy offers Internationally Accredited American High School Diploma Programs for students around the world. All International students are welcome to enroll in our online school education program which is fully accredited US school curriculum Note: A student who has earned the requisite 24 credits, is considered to have the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, even before the State Education Department has issued a high school equivalency diploma. For purposes of meeting TAP eligibility criteria, the 24 credits could include courses in which D grades were earned, providing the D was a passing grade and the student.

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Get your GED using official GED test study material, classes, and practice questions. Learn how to get a high school equivalency diploma with GED® Completion of Senior High School Grade 1 or equivalent. General/Academic Senior High School Certificate/Diploma (Immumgye Kodung Hakkyo Choeupchang. Spain . Titulo de Bachiller. Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan GCE O-Levels (4 subject passes) DOHA requires completion of Year 11 for student visa. GCE A-levels - 2 passes. Sweden . Slutbetyg Från.

USA: An American High School Diploma is not equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma. This means that you must also have at least four Advanced Placement Certificates. The subjects of the AP Certificates can vary and are not limited to a specific mix. For example, you could apply with 1 AP foreign language, 2 APs maths/science and 1 AP elective, but other combinations of subjects are also accepted. A Level, Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, Abitur, BTEC National Diploma, GED (high school diploma), or other equivalent is required. However there are additional routes to gain access and dBs Berlin offers a Summer Course for each HE Level program which makes students directly eligible to start any HE Certificate course The Gymnasium, sometimes called high school or grammar school in English, begins upon completion of the Grundschule or the orientation grades and includes grades five through thirteen. The number of students attending the Gymnasium has increased dramatically in recent decades; by the mid-1990s, about one-third of all primary school graduates completed a course of study at the Gymnasium, which. The lack of a high school diploma, or its equivalent, precludes a college education and is a substantial barrier to compete successfully in the workforce. For students currently in high school, it is essential to see it through until graduation. Those who have already dropped out of high school need to obtain a GED in order to put their best foot forward in the workforce. This article compares high school diplomas and GEDs in terms of their acceptance by colleges and universities. Alternative 1 - Accumulated Credits. A person 19 years or older as of September 1 of the current school year, who is deficient in the credits for an Alberta High School Diploma and who has been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months, and wishes to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma, should apply to the principal of a senior high school or adult learning centre in the community

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While GCSEs are generally regarded as the equivalent of a US High School diploma (many schools regard it as the rough equivalent to the US 11 th grade plus a little more), and many US colleges and universities still do not necessarily require A levels unless they note otherwise, most still like to see them done, and will normally ask why a student did not do them (see NB on this, below). Before US admissions officials knew the British system so well, they often just figured students had. An HSE diploma is considered equal to a high school diploma by 97% of colleges and universities and virtually all businesses. It's essentially a high school diploma and gives you the opportunity for better jobs, more training, college study, vocational school, promotions, military enlistment, and government jobs The GED tests students on the knowledge that they should have learned by completing their high school education. An adult diploma, also known as an adult high school diploma, is awarded to students who complete the classes they did not take while in high school. For students who only had a few credits to go before they were supposed to graduate high school, the adult diploma may be a good option. For students who had a lot of credits left to complete, the GED might be the better choice

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Finland (higher education) 5 : 4 : 3 : 2 : 1 : France: 20 - 16 (très Bien) 16 - 14 (Bien) 14 - 12 (Assez Bien) 12 - 10 (Passable) 12 - 10 (Passable) Germany: 1 - 1,5 (Sehr gut) 1,6 - 2,3 (Gut) 2,4 - 2,9 (Befriedigend) 3,0 - 3,5 (Ausreichend) 3,6 - 4,0 (Sufficient) Greece (upper secondary school) 20 - 18,1 : 18 - 16,1 : 16 - 13,1 - 13 - 10. Connections Academy schools are tuition-free online public schools for students in grades K-12. With the flexibility of a virtual classroom, students can get their high school diploma on their own time. Find an online school in your area. Graduate with a High Quality Online Public School Diploma. Connections Academy schools meet high state and national standards. Connections Education is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED. Many schools supported by Connections Education are accredited.

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Excel High School offers open enrollment for our online high school diploma programs, so students can start at any time. Getting a GED or high school equivalency certificate online is a great option for busy working adults to complete what they once fished. Our Online High School Diploma program and Online GED prep can be completed 100% online high school (Amer.) die Highschool auch: High School high school (Amer.) die Oberschule Pl.: die Oberschulen high school (Amer.) die Sekundarschule Pl.: die Sekundarschulen high school (Amer.) die Mittelschule Pl.: die Mittelschulen (Österr.; Schweiz) high school graduation (Amer.) etwa dem Abitur entsprechender Schulabschluss high school studen The European Baccalaureate diploma is awarded to successful candidates by the Secretary-General of the European Schools on behalf of the Board of Governors. It certifies the completion of secondary studies in a European School or in a School Accredited by the Board of Governors. It is officially recognised as an entry qualification for Higher Education in all the countries of the European. high school boy Oberschüler {m}educ. high school diploma [Am.] Schulabschluss {m}educ. high school dropout [Am.] Schulabgänger {m} [ohne Abschluss]educ. high school girl Oberschülerin {f} high school graduate [Am.] Schulabgänger {m} [mit Abschluss]educ. high school sweetheart Highschool-Liebe {f} [Person] high school teacher Highschoollehrer {m}educ

What is a high school equivalency? A high school equivalency or HSE is a recognized alternative to a high school diploma. There are three common exams used to determine high school equivalency: The General Educational Development (GED®) test; The High School Equivalency Test ; The Test Assessing Secondary Completio National Centre for Equivalence and Recognition of Diplomas nr. 12 Spiru Haret street,district 1, 010176 Bucharest. university, County School Inspectorate, Via mail, to the address indicated in the application; Via courier - payment upon reaching destination - the courier service is contracted by the applican high school graduation (Amer.) etwa dem Abitur entsprechender Schulabschluss high school student der Oberschüler | die Oberschülerin Pl.: die Oberschüler, die Oberschülerinnen junior high school die Mittelstufe Pl.: die Mittelstufen junior high school die Realschule Pl.: die Realschulen junior high school: Vorstufe zur High School, meist 7.-9. Klasse junior high school For Certificate/Diploma programs: High School Diploma For Degree programs: High School Diploma + SAT 1: Reasoning Test with minimum score of 550 in each SAT1 Verbal and SAT 1 mathematics is recommended (APs and ACT scores will also be considered) Venezuela: For Certificate/Diploma programs: Bachillerat High school diploma or equivalent: Short-term on-the-job training: 1,000 to 4,999: Much faster than average: $40,000 to $59,999: Underground mining machine operators and extraction workers, all other: High school diploma or equivalent: Moderate-term on-the-job training: 1,000 to 4,999: Much faster than average: $40,000 to $59,99

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A High School Diploma or GED Equivalency is recognized as the key to employment opportunities and advancement. If you need to complete this important step of your education, Continuing Education can help you. We also offer classes to help you prepare for the GED exam, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), or complete jo Diplomas from quality online high schools are academically equivalent to those earned in the traditional high school setting, and should be recognized as such by potential employers and colleges and universities. However, searching for an online high school diploma program without knowing certain facts and pitfalls can waste time, money, and energy German Abitur Great Britain GCE Advanced Level or comparable qualifications Hong Kong ALE Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Hungarian Maturity Certificate Iceland Stúdentspróf Indian School Certificate International Baccalaureate Diploma Israel Teudat Bagrut Italian High School Diploma Korean Republic College Scholastic Ability Test (1993 onwards) Luxembourg Diplôme de Fin D. If given the option, especially for those who are still young, a high school diploma is often the superior choice due to its flexibility and universal respect. A number of states have shifted away from the GED in recent years, and if the trend continues, it is possible that holding a GED may no longer measure up as an equivalent to a high school education relative to newer credentials. If you. High School Equivalency diplomas are different from GEDs. They were created mostly for migrant or farm workers and their children, age 16 and older, who are not currently enrolled in school. A HSE gives them the chance to obtain postsecondary education or training for skilled trades. It's an alternative to a GED. However, with a HSE diploma, the material covered is more extensive than a GED.

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General Ed Online High School Diploma Program (21 Credits) All of our courses in high school diploma programs are easy to navigate and the teacher ensures that each student master these course subjects before moving on to the next level. The high school diploma programs are not a homeschooled program. It's a fully functioning high school. Grade 9 is the beginning of a four-year High School Program that focuses on success in college and in life. Abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all disciplines. Our classes include a broad base of traditional academic subjects and reflect the knowledge that universities require. At the end of High School, students earn the SABIS® High School diploma that is.

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Top Boarding Schools in Europe Some of the best high schools in Europe are mentioned below: Notre Dame International High School, Paris This high school is one of the best in Europe and is only 30 minutes by train from northwest of Paris. Situated in Verneuil sur Seine, this school offers college preparatory education to students from all over the globe and is bilingual A high school diploma (or its equivalency credential) is generally regarded as the minimum educational level for most jobs, and for acceptance into post-secondary colleges and/or professional schools. Typically, one earns a high school diploma while attending a public or private school, or, while being homeschooled. The coursework that must be completed to earn a high school diploma generally. Secondary (high) school diploma or equivalent Part A - Short definition: Information showing whether the person has completed a secondary school diploma or the equivalent, no matter what other certificates, diplomas or degrees he or she has. Part B - Detailed definition: This variable refers to whether or not persons have completed a secondary school or high school diploma, graduation. High School Diploma This diploma doesn't necessarily allow an American student to enter a French college or university. This is not the equivalent to the French baccalauréat. The admission depends on the American school where the diploma was earned, the number of credit hours and the type of field studied. Associate's Degree This American diploma is most of the time equivallent to a. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: EQUIVALENCE OF HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. The Diploma Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi) is a document stating that your high school diploma is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma and that you are therefore apt to enter studies in a higher education institution in Turkey. This document is requested from and issued by the Provincial Directorate of National Education of the.

High School Equivalency What is a High School Equivalency? According to the United States Department of Education, high school equivalency tests help individuals 16 years of age or older who are not currently enrolled in school to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma and, subsequently, to gain employment or begin postsecondary education or training ALBERTA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (ENGLISH) The requirements indicated in this chart are the minimum requirements for a student to attain an Alberta High School Diploma. The requirements for entry into post-secondary institutions and workplaces may require additional and/or specific courses. 100 CREDITS including the following: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS - 30 LEVEL (English. Employers may continue to have high school diploma requirements and, in the vast majority of cases, they will not have to make exceptions to them. However, if an applicant tells an employer she cannot meet the requirement because of a disability, an employer may have to allow her to demonstrate the ability to do the job in some other way. This may include considering work experience in the. Diploma / certificate in Germany Below you will find education programs in Diploma / certificate in Germany. Narrow your search further by selecting a specific category, program level and location

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